Meet the Owner

Where it All Began

Rebecca Foster owner of Simple Apothecary a woman-owned, small and independent business.

This company began out of necessity- a need for all-natural products that WORK. Hi! I am the founder and owner of Simple Apothecary, Rebecca Foster. What began as an idea to “green up” my cleaning products has turned into a major lifestyle change to my use of all commercially produced products.

I had years of frequent body rashes, breathing issues, and irregular menstrual cycles. However, it wasn’t until I switched to a different toothpaste that I realized the culprit. The dry skin around my mouth disappeared with a natural product. Turns out it was the chemicals commonly used to make those products. They include artificial fragrances, colors, stabilizers, and preservatives. I finally realized how much of an impact they had been making on the health of my body and mind. 



Creating Natural Products

At first this realization led me to the natural food store. I carefully bought organic and natural products to replace everything at home. That was VERY expensive! Not only were they priced higher than the brands I had been using for years, some didn’t even work well. 

Around the same time I perfected one of my very first DIY recipes, Healing Cannabis Salve. What began with a topical cannabis salve made at home to treat chronic pain without pills, quickly expanded. Soon I was making my own cleaning products and cosmetics, like tooth powder and antiperspirant.

I eventually replaced almost every store-bought product for the home and body. As my recipes improved, friends and family began asking to try them out. Word spread and the business was born. Simple Apothecary: Handcrafted Remedies for the Body.


Continuing Forward

I now live as natural and organic a lifestyle as possible. I question everything that goes on, inside, and around my body. Hours of research, trial and error, testing, frustration, and ultimately delight, go into the creation of every handcrafted Simple Apothecary product. Feedback has helped fine tune each recipe until it works not just well enough, but than many other natural products.

Simple Apothecary also makes this commitment as a business to a natural and organic lifestyle. In fact, it is a core part of my company ethos. Every decision for this company is made with this in mind. From organic and non-GMO ingredients, to sustainable packaging, to recycled and sustainable shipping materials.

Curious where to find these natural products? Simple Apothecary is currently sold at local Farmer’s Markets and in stores. Simple Apothecary is also in person at events throughout Northern California. Find out where by following this link. Thank you for supporting my dream of making Simple Apothecary real.

By purchasing your natural products from me, you are supporting a small and independent woman-owned business.