Natural Blends Mask & Body Spray

Natural Blends Mask & Body Spray

Refresh your mask, body and the room around you.

Natural fragrance in 6 custom scents to carry you through your day.

Natural Blends Mask & Body Spray adds fragrance to your life without the chemicals! Enjoy the delight of this natural fragrance made only with organic essential oils, witch hazel and filtered spring water.

Natural Blends Mask & Body Sprays are a diluted spray in a 2 ounce or 4 ounce reusable amber glass spray bottle. Also available as an undiluted version of Simple Apothecary’s custom aromatherapy scents.

Use these versatile sprays as a mask refreshing spray or when you simply want a boost of natural fragrance on your body or in the room around you. They are lovely for their scent alone as well as for their aromatherapy properties.

Simple Apothecary is committed to using sustainable packaging that is either compostable, or reusable and recyclable. You can purchase Natural Blends Mask & Body Spray as both 2 oz and 4 oz amber glass spray bottles. The smaller size is great for the car or purse, while the larger bottle is perfect for your home and office. Also available as a set of all six scents.

Driftwood Beach has the deep and woody main notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and bergamot. This is a rich, earthy blend that reminds you of exploring a hidden beach.


  • Energize Me has the bright and exhilarating main notes of sweet orange, pink grapefruit and tangerine. This is an uplifting blend that reminds you of walking through a grove of citrus.
  • Grounding Blend has the quiet and harmonious main notes of sandalwood, vanilla and lavender. This is a sweet smelling blend that brings you down to earth with a centered feeling.
  • Memory Booster has the stimulating and refreshing main notes of rosemary, lemon and peppermint. This is a rejuvenating blend whose herbal scent gives a gentle push to a tired brain.
  • Stress Reducer has the soft and soothing main notes of ylang ylang, lavender and frankincense. This is a calming blend that reminds you of a slow walk through a flower garden.
  • Sleep Tight has the deep and herbal main notes of lavender, vetiver and cedarwood. This is a calm, earthy blend that quiets your mind and relaxes your body.
  • $64.95 - $124.95A full set of all 6 custom scents of Natural Blends Mask & Body Spray. Use the set to carry you throughout your day or give as a thoughtful gift. Available in either 2 oz or 4 oz reusable and recyclable glass amber spray bottles.