By now, we've all heard about the dangers of opiate addiction.There is a crisis in the United States of massive proportions, leading to the destruction of so many families. The heroin crisis, now laced with fentanyl, has infiltrated every walk of life. Every race, nationality, income bracket, and community, has been hit by this tragedy.

Where Addiction Begins

When you see a video in your social media feed of someone high doing weird things, it's easy to laugh or even feel disgust. What could possibly drive a person to go that low and let themselves reach that point? Where did there life go so wrong, that they're willing to risk everything to continue that addiction?

The vast majority of the time the addiction begins somewhere you may not expect- the doctor's office. 75% of all heroin addicts checking in to rehab report prescription medication as there introduction to opiates. 

Looking at national statistics of addicts both in and out of rehab, nearly 80% of addicts reported using prescription opiates prior to heroin.

Recognize Common Opioids

Some of the most common medication names for prescription opioids include:

  • Vicodin (hydrocodone and acetaminophen)
  • Dilaudid (hydromorphone)
  • Percoset (oxycodone and acetaminophen)
  • OxyContin (oxycodone)
  • Tramadol
  • Fentora (fentanyl)

These medications are available by prescription only. They are used for varying levels of pain, as determined by the doctor. From an infected tooth, to injuries sustained in an accident, to chronic pain due to a sickness or disability, prescription opioids are used in an attempt to gain temporary relief.

How Do People Get Them

There are three primary ways that people initially get opioids: prescribed personally, from family, from friends. This can make opioids very easy to access as there is only an intent to feel better when you take them.

Even kids, especially teenagers, can get caught up in addiction through an injury or illness. The most common way is through a sports injury that causes severe pain. What parent wouldn't want their child to feel better?

Addiction Is Everywhere

Let's face it. Virtually all of us are going to face severe pain at some point. That's why heroin and fentanyl addiction is so sinister- this isn't just an inner-city issue. This is a crisis effecting all walks of life, from the suburban soccer mom to a corporate CEO, from children on up to seniors.

How to Keep You and Your Family Safe

The easiest way to avoid addiction is to avoid the gateway of prescription opioids. You can always turn them down at the doctor's office or choose not to get the prescription filled.

If you do have prescription pain medications in your medicine cabinet, consider keeping them hidden or even locked away. With many teenagers experiencing pressure to fit in by taking pills, this is one of the easiest ways to help protect them.

If you or a family member is experiencing pain, there are other options.


Finding natural alternatives to help with pain management can be the best answer. And while natural pain management may not work fully for every single person, it can still dramatically reduce dependence on harmful or addictive pain relievers.

Simple Apothecary offers simple, natural relief. Avoid prescription opioids through natural remedies that work just as well. You will be surprised at how this can change your life. These are products that were developed for exactly this purpose.

Consider alternative forms of treatment in addition to natural remedies, like those from Simple Apothecary. Options can include physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and more.

Products for Natural Relief

Rebecca Foster owner of Simple Apothecary a woman-owned, small and independent business.My name is Rebecca Foster, owner of Simple Apothecary. I started this business because I couldn't find natural products that were working for my needs. I had pain, chemical sensitivities, and an aversion to anything prescription.

I've been making products that create relief naturally for years now. If there's one thing I've learned it's that EVERYONE makes big promises, but they don't always deliver. I get it. You've been told other products will help you out, but they don't. I've built Simple Apothecary to be different.

I make two topical hemp CBD salves that compliment any natural pain management program. I also offer hemp CBD extract for internal support. These are excellent all-natural remedies that offer safer alternatives to prescription and over the counter pain medications.

Locally Owned

As a small and independent business in Red Bluff, Simple Apothecary is dedicated to helping customers find simple relief. Through handcrafted remedies for the body and select companion products, you can be assured of 100% satisfaction.

In fact, I'm so confident about my products that I offer a 30-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all 2 oz jars of Simple Apothecary Handcrafted Remedies. That's right. You get 30 days to use my products and make sure they're what you expected. If you decide it's not what you expected, give me a call, get it back to me and I refund your money. THERE'S NO RISK.

During that time you're welcome to call me with any questions. As these are natural products that I literally use myself, I may have some tips to help it work even better for you.

Not Sure What You Need?

Please get in touch with me! When you call or email, you get ME. I'm always happy to chat about my products and what would work best for you.

You can also schedule an appointment to come into my manufacturing space. I have samples of my products and we can discuss your personal needs for relief.

I've written blog posts discussing my different products extensively. I've also written about how to decide between hemp CBD salves.