Simple Apothecary Online Party

Host a Simple Online Party from the comfort of your couch.

 A woman looking ridiculously comfortable on her couch with her laptop in her lap. Obviously she's having a great time hosting a Simple Online Party to get free goodies from Simple Apothecary.

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Wanna host a Simple Online Party and get free stuff?

Of course you do! Hosting an online party lets you earn free products and big ol' coupons, in addition to having an excuse to hang out with your friends in your PJ's. Plus it's as easy to make happen as completing these next few steps.

  1. Give me a call at (530) 680-8559 or email me to get this party planning started.
  2. Once we've set a date and time, you'll send an invite link to your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.
  3. I'll help you stay in touch with everyone while I plan your party.
  4. Stay in your comfy clothes and shop from home! Join the online party on the day and time we set, and have a great time with people you enjoy being around. The more they buy, the more you earn in freebies. It's that simple!

Look, my products are somewhat unique in that their full potential isn't always obvious from the packaging. In person I'm able to share with you all the fantastic things they do. I want this to be fun though, so I have games where everyone can earn free gifts and coupons. And if you'd like to learn about something like hemp CBD, essential oils, or natural body care, I can do that too. So lets make this happen!