Simple Subscriptions

Have you had this happen recently?

As you’re getting ready for the day, you go to reach for your jar of Funk Off when you realize… I’m out. AACK! You meant to order a new jar last week, but as you need so little to make it work, you lost track of time.

Life happens. Work happens. Busy happens. Mistakes happen. Then you run out of your favorite products.

So let me fix that for you with Simple Subscriptions.

Get Regular Relief Delivered to Your Door

Simple Subscriptions from Simple Apothecary is now available. Have your favorite Simple Apothecary products automatically refilled and delivered to your door without having to think about it.

Here’s a sample of what your subscription schedule could look like.

🌿 Every six weeks, have Funk Off! All Purpose After Shower Cream delivered,

🌿 Every 2 months, have relEASE 250 Hemp CBD Salve delivered,

🌿 Every 3 months, have Kink Away Magnesium Cream delivered.

🌿 Every 6 months, have Natural Blends Body & Room Spray delivered.

Worry free, without having to think. Your Simple Apothecary products could be waiting for you at home on a regular basis.

What It Will Look Like

You’ll now be able to set up a Simple Subscriptions that works for YOU. Instead of having to remember to get online to order or find me at a vendored event to buy another jar in person, let Simple Apothecary bring you relief right to your door.

You’ll get an email prior to every refill order, so you know when to expect it. You’ll also be able to pause your subscription if needed or change how often you get it. How easy is that??

Perk of Simple Subscriptions

Another perk of the Simple Subscription is you get a standing discount of FREE SHIPPING, just for signing up for the refill subscription. Yup. Sign up for this magic and you’ll get free shipping for every subscription order automatically.


“Rebecca is so committed to her business and taking care of her customers. She goes above and beyond to accommodate my needs.”

- Connie A, customer