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Simple Apothecary's dirty guide to chemicals in cosmetics

First off, thank you for trusting me with your email address. I realize you get a lot of crap in your inbox. I aim to NOT fall into that category! Here is your free gift I promised.

I created The Dirty Guide to Chemicals in Cosmetics for EVERYONE looking to clean up their products. Look, no matter how hard we try its impossible to avoid of every chemical. But we can at least avoid the worst ones. 


🌿 The Dirty Guide to Chemicals in Cosmetics (PDF)

🌿 10 Chemicals to Avoid in Cosmetics (JPG)

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I would love to hear back on what you think of this guide. I’m especially hopeful the included graphic will make your life easier. It’s saved on my phone under my favorites, so I can use it myself while out shopping. Now you can easily make clean decisions on your product purchases.

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