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Simple Apothecary’s tagline is, “Handcrafted Remedies for the Body”. Simple Apothecary sells high quality, handcrafted and all natural body care products that include topical magnesium cream, tooth powder, lip balm, mask & body sprays, a cream deodorant & antiperspirant sensitive skin protectant, and a hemp-CBD salve with synergistic essential oils (federally legal).

All product packaging coordinates together, which complements a classy and clean vintage booth vibe. Table coverings, decorations and tasteful signs advertising the business complete the look.

Simple Apothecary vendor booth 2023 traveling from Red Bluff, CA
Simple Apothecary vendor booth 2023

Simple Apothecary was created while on a personal search for alternatives to chemical-laden products. Every handcrafted body care product uses minimally processed ingredients that came from the earth. No chemical preservatives or additives are ever present and I strive to use sustainably sourced ingredients that are as organic and non-GMO as possible. Packaging is eco-friendly allowing it to be reused, recycled or composted when done. Simple Apothecary’s motto is, “Healing Begins Within” and I fully believe it!

Simple Apothecary has a strong presence on social media. It is in my best interest to advertise any events I will be participating in. I am happy to use the events preferred tags and graphics when supplied and will post about the event ahead of time as well as during the event itself to help drive more traffic.

With a beautiful booth and attention to details as a vendor, Simple Apothecary is always welcomed back to events. Modifications for smaller indoor events as well as night time events can easily be made. To invite Simple Apothecary to vend at your next event, please email

  1. Basic Lip Balm– Heals and protects delicate lip tissue without chemicals.
  2. Kink Away Magnesium Cream– Topical magnesium cream to soothe cramped, kinked and sore muscles.
  3. Funk Off! All Purpose After Shower Cream– All natural deodorant and light antiperspirant that is excellent to use on all red, raw, rubbed and chafed areas.
  4. Natural Blends Body & Room Spray– All natural fragrance sprays with essential oils for the body, room, mask and more, in 6 different custom blends.
  5. Essential Blends– All 6 scents of the Natural Blends Mask & Body Spray plus a rotating seasonal blend as undiluted essential oil blends.
  6. relEASE 250 Hemp CBD Salve with Synergistic Essential Oils– A federally legal hemp CBD topical salve made with essential oils. A best sellers as it just plain works!
  7. Simple Tooth Powder– Easy to use tooth powder flavored with powerful essential oils for optimized oral health.
  8. After the Burn- Cooling and soothing spray for sunburned skin.
  9. The Bug Stuff- Natural bug repellent for mosquitos, flies, ticks, and more.
  10. Ease Away- Combines the joint, nerve and ligament support of relEASE 250 Hemp CBD Salve, with the muscle support of Kink Away Magnesium Cream.

Carefully curated retail items that enhance or support my handcrafted remedies are also offered.

  • Individual essential oils, plus essential oil diffusers and necklaces.
  • Federally-legal hemp CBD tincture in Classic, Flavored and Sleep.
  • Federally-legal hemp CBD pet treats and tincture.

    Simple Apothecary Vendor Booth

    Simple Apothecary's natural remedies are displayed in the vendor booth. Located in Red Bluff, CA.
    Simple Apothecary has all natural body care, essential oils and hemp CBD.