Why Cannabis

Cannabis as Medicine

Simple Apothecary believes that cannabis is one of nature’s most complete sources of healing, from seed to flower and from root to leaves. Until prohibition, cannabis was a staple in almost every home apothecary. Without the addictive properties and negative side effects of today’s pharmaceuticals, the ability of cannabis to heal was trusted and known. Luckily that knowledge is becoming accepted and known again by not only cannabis enthusiasts, but by the medical community and general public as well.

Constant pain is one of the most exhausting and debilitating states of being, robbing you of any vigor for life. Relief from that pain however, is exquisite and exactly what Simple Apothecary strives to achieve. Cannabis is one of the oldest natural treatments for pain and inflammation, a fact that has been lost in our decades long war against it. Each leafy green plant contains at least 85 different cannabinoids, chemical compounds secreted by cannabis, with each cannabinoid facilitating various healing properties. Of course the most famous are THC and CBD, but others are gaining fame and for good reason.

Many people in pain may be reluctant to try cannabis internally through ingestion or smoking, or have tried it with negative results. For that I would like to introduce our flagship product, the Minty-Hot Cannabis Salve. The Simple Apothecary Cannabis Salve is, I’m guessing, like nothing else you’ve tried. Used topically on the skin, the cannabis and essential oils bring temporary relief from pain and inflammation. With continued daily use, this salve has been purported to bring long-term relief and can even facilitate healing in injuries.

I too was once convinced that cannabis held no medical properties. Now I know that the human body doesn’t just welcome cannabinoids, it requires them for optimal function.

Healing Begins Within

Science is beginning to prove what healing practitioners have known for centuries- Healing Begins Within. Each of us has the ability to begin- and even complete- our own individual healing journey. Creating and nurturing a healing mindset is not easy, especially with the constant barrage of pharmaceuticals and new sicknesses being marketed to us. However, the human mind is incredibly powerful and we can influence the energy of matter all around us. Therefore I take the time to set healing intentions on each hand-crafted small batch of product. I also encourage each and every user, despite preconceived notions, to follow my directions for self-healing carefully. Be sure to read the full directions for use of the Minty-Hot Cannabis Salve.