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Plant Therapy

Lotus Flower Passive Diffuser

Lotus Flower Passive Diffuser

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Simple Apothecary is offering this lotus flower passive diffuser, a perfect compliment to our custom Natural Blends: Essential Blends. Purchase alone or with a 10 ml amber glass bottle of the Natural Blends: Essential Blends. Makes a perfect and easy all-natural gift.

Essential Blends means natural fragrance

Now you can put those Essential Blends to work for you with this beautiful passive diffuser. A passive diffuser means no electricity is needed to bring your favorite blend to life. Simply place 5-7 drops of your favorite Essential Blends on it and enjoy the delicate fragrance.

This gorgeous lotus flower on a wooden base is naturally porous to hold essential oils. As you add oils, they will softly color the flower to make a unique pattern over time. Scent will gently fade over time. This diffuser is perfect for more intimate spaces like a bedside table, next to your favorite reading chair, at your office desk or in the restroom.

To clean, use a cotton cloth dipped in mixed water and white vinegar, and gently rub the plaster clean.

Add a 10 ml bottle of Natural Blends: Essential Blends for a special deal

Choose from one of 7 custom blends available from Simple Apothecary for all natural fragrance.

Natural Blends: Essential Blends in Driftwood Beach has deep and woody main notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and bergamot. This is a rich, earthy blend that reminds you of exploring a hidden beach.

Natural Blends: Essential Blends in Energize Me has bright and exhilarating main notes of sweet orange, lemon and bergamot. This is an uplifting blend that reminds you of walking through a grove of citrus.

Natural Blends: Essential Blends in Grounding Blend has quiet and harmonious main notes of sandalwood, vanilla and lavender. This is a gentle blend that brings you down to earth with a centered feeling.

Natural Blends: Essential Blends in Memory Booster has stimulating and refreshing main notes of rosemary, lemon and peppermint. This is a rejuvenating blend whose herbal scent gives a gentle push to a tired brain.

Natural Blends: Essential Blends in Stress Reducer has soft and soothing main notes of ylang ylang, lavender and frankincense. This is a calming blend that reminds you of a slow walk through a flower garden.

Natural Blends: Essential Blends in Sleep Tight has dreamy and herbal main notes of lavender, vetiver and cedarwood. This is a mind quieting blend that reminds you of a lovely field of lavender at dusk.

Natural Blends: Essential Blends in four seasonal blends. Evoke the scent of the season with a rotating custom blend from Simple Apothecary. Winter Blend brings to mind the fresh scent of cut wood, along with the warmth of sweet orange and sweetness of spearmint.

Why a natural fragrance?

Artificial chemical fragrances include known hormone disruptors, cancer causing agents, and can aggravate lung issues such as asthma and COPD. They cause harm to you and your family. You get all natural fragrance as an organic alternative by using pure essential oils with this chic passive diffuser.

More product information

The Lotus Flower Passive diffuser product is from a third-party company in no way affiliated or connected with Simple Apothecary.

The Natural Blends: Essential Blends from Simple Apothecary only use sustainable and recyclable packaging that supports the maximum life of our chemical-free products. This product comes in an amber glass 10 ml bottle with PET lid and reducer orifice for precise drop by drop use.

As essential oils are a natural product their potency will decrease over time. No synthetic preservatives are used. Best if used within 1 year of purchase.

All Simple Apothecary products are handcrafted in small batches. Care is taken to ensure each item is made to exacting standards and set with healing intentions.


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  • The words healing begin within are seen over a hand pouring essential oils into a mortar and pestle filled with plant material.

    Set with Healing Intentions

    Every handcrafted remedy from Simple Apothecary has been set with healing intentions. I consciously think about what this product will do when it reaches your hands!

  • Natural ingedients are shown with the words, natural, organic and non-gmo. Simple Apothecary only uses natural ingredients.

    Made with the Best Ingredients

    I only use the best quality raw ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced. Everything is as organic and non-GMO as possible.